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About Us

The Israeli Center for Academic Studies in the USA is a private advisory office which handles the referral of Israeli students for both undergraduate and graduate academic studies in the United States. The center has been in existence since 1985, and over the years has successfully enrolled over 250 students each year. 

Counseling is on an individual basis and accompanies the student throughout the entire registration process until he/she is accepted. We have accumulated considerable experience, ensuring professional and accurate guidance, while maintaining good working relations with the admissions departments of the various universities. We refer students only to universities recognized by the appropriate authorities in the U.S., including the professional associations (ABET, NAAB, ASLA, AACSB etc.) as well as by the appropriate authorities in Israel.

The assistance which we provide includes referral to academic institutions suited to the specific applicant, based on a personal interview, and continues through the entire registration process:


  • Selecting the appropriate Institutions

  • Initiating contact with these institutions

  • Supplying application material

  • Assistance in completion of application forms

  • Instruction on how to write the required essays and statements
    (the most important aspect of the application package)

  • Translating transcripts

  • Certifications (notarization)

  • Guidance in dealing with the required financial forms

  • Correspondence with admissions departments and follow-up

  • Referrals for the best preparatory courses and tutors for TOEFL, SAT, GMAT and GRE

The advice and counseling which our office provides enable students to make the correct decisions and save them time and money.

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